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Blake & Crystal Hoppie ~ Owners

CrystalHoppie Enter a world of soothing sounds, invigorating aromas and luxury that will make time seem to stand still. All paths at Therapeutix Mind & Body lead to one place: a state of peace, health and well-being.

Lori Porter ~ Master Esthetician, Permanent Cosmetics and Make-up Artist

CrystalHoppie I am a licensed Master Esthetician, as well as a Makeup Artist and Permanent Cosmetic Specialist. I have been in this industry for over 16 years and have a real passion for what I do. I love making each individual I work on look and feel their best!!!

Tracy Meldrum ~ L.M.T

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2011. I have a passion and natural talent for helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. I specialize in Deep Tissue Massage, Injury/Maintenance Massage, Swedish, Prenatal, Hot Stone and Sports Massage. I use these modalities to customize every massage to my clients’ needs. I provide a comfortable and luxurious experience. I am grateful and excited to work with the wonderful clients at Therapeutix Mind and Body!

Adrianna Swoape ~ L.M.T.

adrianne swoape I love to make people feel great, relaxed and leaving better than when they first came in. Being able to customize a massage to your specific needs is my specialty. My clients are my priority and I am passionate about the work I do.

Marti Traci Pic

Marti Tracy ~ L.M.T.

I’ve been a massage therapist for 6 years now. I love giving massages and helping people to achieve a better quality of life. I have been trained in many types of massage, such as Swedish and lymph massage, prenatal, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, reflexology and myofascial release. I have continuing education certifications in several areas, ranging from headache pain management to isolated stretching to relieve muscle tension and scar treatment. My most recent certification is in SMRT (spontaneous muscle release technique) and I’m the only one so far certified in this effective technique in northern Utah.

Christy Baldwin ~ L.M.T.

ChristyBaldwinMy experience expands 10 years, I will listen and customize your session to your present needs using my skilled touch and techniques. I love to help people feel better and enjoy their life to the fullest.


Sarah Winder ~ L.M.T.

I am very enthusiastic about the work I do, and I love meeting new clients! My specialties are Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Work and Trigger Point Therapy. I really listen to your needs so that I can personalize your massage the way that works best for you. Whether your goal is to loosen up tight muscles, reduce chronic pain, or just overall relaxation, I’m more than willing to help. My goal is to leave you feeling amazing!


Tawni Bennett ~ L.M.T.

I love massage therapy and treating the body holistically. My goal as your therapist is to help you understand your body better so you can continue your healthy lifestyle journey as your best self. Using a range of modalities from Swedish, Russian Sports, to Structural Integration; I am confident that we can customize an experience best suited for you.

Metisha Pic

Metisha Colvin ~ Support Staff/Receptionist

I enjoy meeting new people. I have been in the customer industry for 15+ years and have also studied in skincare knowledge and techniques.I believe that everyone deserves undivided attention, living by the Golden Rule! I’m excited to be part of an amazing team! I trust that your experience with us starts when you enter into a peaceful, beautiful and giving place. You will leave feeling welcomed, calmed and relaxed!

Taylar Pic

Taylar Ngo ~ L.M.T.

I grew up doing various activities and sports, have been a trainer for 5+ years, and a body-worker for 3+ years. I love to learn about all kinds of things, and appreciate being able to learn from and educate my clients. I prefer the more clinical applications of bodywork such as myofascial release, postural work, or injury rehab. With a combined 8+ years of experience dealing with bodies and movement (more than 10 if you count tinkering), I am finally gaining a basic understanding of how the body works. When I’m not doing bodywork I can be found spending time with my family and friends, traveling (like riding bikes through Holland), playing music, or studying and learning about the world – the more you learn the less you know!

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